Order CSV Files

This page describes the file format of the order CSV files. For information on how to import these files into the Kaufland marketplace, see the Managing Orders page.


One way to manage orders is with order CSV files.

You can import files by uploading the file to a publicly accessible web server and sending a POST request to the /import-files/order-command REST API endpoint.

Order Command Files

Order Command files are a kind of CSV file without a header line at the top. Instead, the first field of each line contains a command and the subsequent fields vary based on the command. Because of the lack of a header, the subsequent fields must be in the expected order. The correct fields and order for each command is listed below. Kaufland marketplace accepts two different commands in order command files. Every command consists of both required and optional fields.

Here are the available commands:

Command Description
MARK_UNIT_SENT Mark an unit as sent.
MARK_UNIT_CANCELLED Mark an unit as cancelled.


The MARK_UNIT_SENT command marks an item as shipped. This starts a background process which sends an email to the customer and (provisionally) transfers credit for the sale to the seller's account.

Field Required Description Example
id_order_unit Required The id_order_unit received in the order summary. 56896348978
carrier_code Required The shipping carrier that was used to send the item. The list of available codes is available in the Carrier Codes section of this page. If you cannot supply a tracking number for some reason, do not choose the Carrier Code, because then the tracking number field is mandatory. Instead, give the value Other or Other Hauler for the carrier. This changes the tracking_number field from required to optional.
For example, if you have shipped the package via DHL, but sent it book rate (Büchersendung), there is no tracking number for the package. So, you would specify Other for the carrier_code and leave the tracking_number field blank.
tracking_number Required unless carrier_code is Other or Other Hauler Comma-separated list of tracking numbers of the package. AB34DE5,6ED43BA


The MARK_UNIT_CANCELLED command cancels the delivery of an item. This starts a background process which sends an email to the customer and transfers credit for the sale back to the customer's account.

Field Required Description Example
id_order_unit Required The id_order_unit received in the order summary. 56896348978
reason Optional Reason for cancelling the order. The list of available reasons is available in the Cancellation Reasons section of this page. NoInventory


Here are some examples of lines from command files.


This command marks the unit with id_order_unit 56896348978 as shipped. Shipping carrier is DHL and the tracking number is 012345678912


This command cancels the unit with id_order_unit 56896348978 because the unit is not in inventory.

Carrier Codes

The following values are allowed for the carrier_code field:

  • Other
  • Other Hauler
  • 4PX
  • Allekurier
  • Amazon Logistics DE (Swiship)
  • Austrian Post
  • Bejot Logistics
  • BRT Bartolini
  • Bursped
  • Cargoline
  • Cargo International
  • China Post
  • Chronopost
  • Chukou1 Logistics
  • Correos
  • Czech Post
  • CNE Express
  • Dachser
  • Deutsche Post
  • DHL
  • DHL Ecommerce
  • DHL Freight
  • DHL Hong Kong
  • DHL Poland Domestic
  • DPD
  • DPDFrance
  • DPD Poland
  • DPD Romania
  • DPD UK
  • DTL
  • DSV
  • Emons
  • Fedex
  • FedEx Poland Domestic
  • Flyt Express
  • Geis
  • Geis Poland
  • GEL
  • Geodis
  • GLS
  • GLS Italy
  • GLS Poland
  • Guettler Logistik
  • Hellmann
  • Hermes
  • Hermes 2 MH
  • Hong Kong Post
  • Hua Han Logistics
  • IDS Logistik
  • Iloxx
  • InPost
  • Jersey Post
  • Kuehne & Nagel
  • La Poste
  • Orlen Paczka
  • Packeta*
  • Poland Post
  • Poste Italiane
  • PostNL
  • PostNL 3S
  • PPL
  • Raben Group
  • Redur Spain
  • Rhenus
  • Royal Shipments
  • Schenker
  • Seur
  • SFC Service
  • Siodemka
  • Slovakia Post
  • Slovak Parcel Service
  • TNT
  • Trans MF
  • trans-o-flex
  • TopTrans
  • UBI Smart Parcel
  • UPS
  • Wanb Express
  • WeDo Logistics
  • Winit
  • WnDirect
  • Yanwen
  • YDH
  • Yun Express
  • Zufall

*Please note: Packeta has made changes to its own API. Before you can use Packeta's tracking again, you have to set the tracking to "public". Alternatively, you can unlock the Kaufland key in Packeta's settings. The Kaufland key is: e6844cc6bffd48cf

Cancellation Reasons

Here are the allowed values for the reason field for cancellations, along with their meanings:

  • BuyerCancelled: the buyer cancelled the order.
  • ShippingAddressUndeliverable: could not deliver to the address given by the customer.
  • WrongCatalogData: the description on the Kaufland marketplace did not match the item in your inventory.
  • MerchandiseNotReceived: the customer says that the item did not arrive due to problems during shipping.
  • NoInventory: the item is not currently in your inventory, for example because you are temporarily or permenantly sold out.
  • DelayedInventory: the item is not in your inventory and there is a delay in delivery by the supplier
  • WrongPrice: the price on the Kaufland marketplace was incorrect.
  • UndeliverableRegion: if you do not ship to the customers location.
  • NoReactionBuyer: if there is no response by the customer to complete the order
  • GeneralAdjustment: if none of the other reasons apply to your situation, use this reason.